Will Wrobleski Doesn’t Get It

Will should still work for Mitt Romney.

Will should not work for the New Hampshire Republican Party which is charged with helping all presidential candidates in New Hampshire.

Via Roll Call:

An ally of the former Massachusetts governor and likely 2012 presidential candidate has just been appointed to a key position in the New Hampshire Republican Party.

Will Wrobleski, who served as Romney’s state coalitions director in the 2008 cycle, will be the next executive director for the state GOP, according to an announcement distributed late Monday by newly elected party Chairman Jack Kimball.

Roll Call chatted with Wrobleski last week at a reception for the Merrimack County Republican Committee featuring Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty in Concord, N.H., before his new position had been finalized. At that time, it was clear that Wrobleski, the former campaign manager for unsuccessful Senate candidate Ovide Lamontagne, had little interest in Pawlenty.

“He’s a nice guy. But there’s a number of guys I’d vote for. He’s not one of them,” Wrobleski said of Pawlenty. “I don’t think he’s conservative enough.

Spoken like a true political hack and supporter of Mitt Romney.

Which the Executive Director of the New Hampshire Republican Party is not supposed to be.

So it’s time for a new Executive Director.