What William Ardinger Said Wednesday That Bill Binnie Already Knew (and had been clobbered for)

“Forum Paints Bleak Picture Of U.S. Fiscal Future”, from the dead tree only  11/19/10 edition of the UL:

“The dirty little secret in New Hampshire is we have a VAT (value added tax) and we’ve had a VAT since 1993,” said Ardinger, who helped write the tax for the Steve Merrill administration.”

While everyone hates a VAT, he said, the business enterprise tax shifts the tax base from income to consumption, which is more economically neutral.

The whole article is worth a read. And kudos to all the panelists for participating.

I look forward to seeing how David Walker’s Comeback America Initiative injects itself into the upcoming First-In-The-Nation primary. They have a good friend on this digital page.