What Jim VandeHei Said This Morning That Made The Smart Money On Team Palin Smile (even though they knew it already)

VandeHei via Allen (bold mine):

“Washington politicians should be scared as hell this morning because the message of the past year is clear: Cut the crap or lose your job. Specter was running as a self-admitted opportunist: I am a Democrat because that’s the only way I can win. Gone. McConnell and company made it unmistakably clear they wanted Rand Paul defeated by the establishment machine. He crushed the D.C. candidate. This city is about to become more divided and nasty, if you can believe it. Regardless of who wins, the Pennsylvania senator will not be a centrist like Specter; Utah won’t have Bob Bennett brokering quiet deals; and Rand Paul, if he wins, will give us another Jim DeMint.

This election marked the official end of establishment dominance. Lawmakers don’t need the backing of presidents, campaign committees and political parties: They have tea parties, the Internet and cable. Power now comes from being able to tap into the Tea Party movement, from being a regular on Fox News, creating a fundraising apparatus that is out of your traditional leadership PAC or party committee.”

Washington GOP elites created Sarah Palin, and I’m sure she’s probably at least a little grateful for that. But that minor gratitude will not stop her from crafting a message and raising a hundred million dollars for 2012 by repeatedly knifing her creators in the stomach.

The “(incurious) Momma Grizzly” is just getting warmed up.