The NRCC’s Money Problems

What Team Bass and Team Guinta are (probably) reading very closely this morning. Via Politico:

“With the Republican Party on the cusp of major gains in the House next year, … one major obstacle remains: tightfisted Republican incumbents. The National Republican Congressional Committee, the key cog in helping to finance GOP campaigns, has banked less than a third as much money as its Democratic counterpart and is ending the year with barely enough money to fully finance a single House race — no less the dozens that will be in play come 2010. A big part of the problem, according to Republican strategists, is that GOP members themselves — the ones who stand the most to gain from large-scale House gains — haven’t chipped in accordingly, despite evidence of solid opportunities in at least 40 districts next year and with as many as 80 seats in play, according to the Cook Political Report’s estimates. In the past three months, only 75 of 177 Republicans — most of whom represent safe districts — transferred money into the committee, netting it $2.1 million. The average donation was just $28,000, with only 11 members donating $50,000 or more … During that same time period, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has netted nearly $4 million from 90 of its members — with 35 House Democrats chipping in at least $50,000. Republicans are already expressing concerns that they may not have enough resources to fully take advantage of the political climate, which is shaping to be the most favorable for the GOP since the last time they took control of the House in 1994. ‘We have the recruits to get this back, but we don’t know if we have the resources. We need every one of [our members] pulling at the oars right now,’ NRCC executive director Guy Harrison told POLITICO.”

Of course, when your organization is headed by that doofus Pete Sessions and the best “new” idea your current Congressional leadership can offer in 2010 is to refer back to the struggle of 1777 well, it’s going to be tough to raise money.

And, very possibly, actually win elections. Not just talk about winning elections.