Senator Judd Gregg & Activist Peter Bearse vs Frank Guinta, Sean Mahoney & Rich Ashooh

Budget Reality:

Senator Gregg:

A Republican senator on the president’s fiscal commission said Thursday it will likely recommend tax increases as part of a solution for the nation’s fiscal woes.

Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) said on ABC’s “Top Line” webcast that he believes the large majority of the proposal should be composed of spending cuts, but said that the panel should not rule out tax increases to bring in more revenue.

”Well everything has to be on the table, there is no question about that,” he said. ”I think it’s likely there is going to be a revenue component.”

Peter Bearse:

“Let’s get real here: We’re not talking about ideology, we’re at war here. It’s lunacy to suggest we can cut taxes and cut the deficit at the same time,” he said, calling for wholesale tax reform.


The Budget Fairy Tale:

Guinta, Mahoney and Ashooh:

Rich Ashooh, a former defense contractor executive from Bedford, said it wasn’t an either/or answer, though he emphasized the need to lower corporate taxes to spur business growth. Portsmouth businessman Sean Mahoney agreed, saying Congress should lower taxes to get the economy rolling, cut spending and pay down the debt simultaneously.

Former Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta, who touted his record of cutting taxes as mayor, said the focus should be on lower taxes, then paying down the debt.

Why is our strongest fiscal leadership coming from a soon-to-be-former lawmaker and a candidate that very few people take seriously?

If the GOP is serious about bringing independent voters back into our political corner for the long term, we might want to ponder that question.