Please, Sweet Jesus, Let Mark Halperin’s Political Analysis Be Correct

Is a President (any President) finally going to get serious about debt/deficit reduction?

Mark Halperin thinks so:

HALPERIN’S TAKE: For those of you who aren’t focused like a laser beam on the deficit reduction commission due to report in December (led by Rahm’s buddy Bruce Reed): get focused. As Obama made oh-so-clear (again) Sunday, he is as serious as a heart attack about making a bold move on entitlement reform after the midterms — regardless of the electoral outcome. Attention must be paid, as the president suggested in Canada.

Note to my Republican friends: “Cutting taxes” is anti-entitlement reform.

Note to my Democrat friends: “Increase spending” is anti-entitlement reform.

Note to everyone under the age of 40: If this country doesn’t start to cut spending AND increase taxes, we’re all going to be pretty well f4ck3d. So pay attention, and vote accordingly.