“It’s Time To Turn The Page In Washington And I Will Not Vote For John Boehner For Speaker”

One simple sentence.

That the Republican nominee in CD-1 and CD-2 should look directly into the camera and say bright and early Wednesday morning. Clearly. Proudly. And then move on.

Because not only will this NYT look at Mr. Boehner’s too close ties with corporate lobbyists give (significant) ammo to Democrats who are already starting to make 2010 a choice about Boehner, but it’s also the opening shot of a general election narrative that will make New Hampshire independents and Tea Party voters alike throw-up.

Boehner isn’t the devil. He’s just yesterday’s news. With tons of yesterday’s baggage.

And New Hampshire Republicans don’t owe John Boehner anything.

So why should they lash themselves to his liabilities?