Driving The Fundraising Day: Kelly Ayotte’s 2,400 New Hampshire Donors

Kelly Ayotte, Bill Binnie and Paul Hodes are all going to have the resources to compete until the end of their respective campaigns. Everyone knows that.

So their fundraising reports are less about “how much” and more about “who”.

And Ms. Ayotte’s “who” is 2,400 New Hampshire donors – 2,400 donors who are guaranteed to vote for Ayotte in the Republican Primary and then vote for her again in the general election.

All of which puts her well ahead of Hodes’ 2,000 New Hampshire donors and, I’m guessing, whatever Bill Binnie eventually shows.

To be fair, the number of instate donors a campaign has is far from the whole shooting match.

But it does count. And, when everyone will have plenty of money to compete, it’s one of the more telling fundraising/grassroots metrics.

And one that Team Ayotte is dominating so far.