A Question For Timothy Robertson, State Representative From Keene And Democratic Candidate For Governor

Keen Sentinel article (h/t Blue Hampshire for highlighting):

Only Timothy Robertson, a state representative from Keene, took aim at a politician from his own party.

Robertson is challenging incumbent three-term Gov. Democrat John D. Lynch for the corner office in the Statehouse, though he’s said it’s mainly for the opportunity to get his views heard on the state’s tax situation.

“I have one message,” Robertson said. “Our state is not in an overspending problem. It’s in an under-funding problem,” and that’s because too many politicians, especially candidates for the governor’s office, take The Pledge.

For decades, most gubernatorial candidates have pledged not to instate a broad-based tax on income or sales.

“Republicans and Democrats have been locked into this position so tightly it is not even worth asking anymore,” he said. “They don’t even explain why. It’s a knee-jerk reaction … a negative promise … that we won’t equitably fund our schools, our government and our services.”

He closed by asking the crowd to check the real estate listings in Massachusetts and compare the property taxes to those in New Hampshire.

“Ask questions,” he said. “Demand the reasons behind any statement I or any politician makes.”

Ok, so here is my question:

As a New Hampshire small business owner looking to start a family, I already carry a tax load of about 35%.

That means that for every 60 minutes that I work, I already spend about 21 minutes working to support the Feds, the state of New Hampshire and the city of Manchester.

21 minutes of every working hour. Already.

Yes, my 21 minutes is part of my social contract with my New Hampshire community. And yes, I am proud to pay my taxes and help make the community in which I live not only safer and better for me and the family I want to raise, but also help those who but for the grace of God go I.

But 21 minutes of every working hour. Already.

Personally, I believe that 21 minutes of every 60 constitutes “my fair share”.

And I can’t shake the feeling that every minute that I am asked to pay over what I am already paying is going to support stupid, shortsighted and wasteful decisions that both political parties have made in Concord over the last 30 years.

I thought New Hampshire was supposed to be the “Live Free or Die State”? And folks are now telling me that 35% of my work hour is too little for the appetites of our humble little citizen legislature?

And you, Mr. Robertson, believe that NH doesn’t have a spending problem, only a revenue problem?

So you, Mr. Robertson, won’t consider cutting spending while you raise taxes (a tough choice that I support to balance our books).

You only support more taxes.

Alright then Mr. Robertson, what’s my “Fair Share”?